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Dental Extractions

Oral Surgery and Tooth Removal

Treating tooth pain or gum disease sometimes requires oral surgery. A dental extraction means to have a tooth removed. While it’s always best to try and prevent the loss of permanent (adult) teeth, some teeth may need to be extracted because of extensive decay, gum disease, or trauma. Wisdom teeth may beremoved because they are impacted or are causing your remaining teeth to shift, or creating problems in your jaw. In general, if the pain is significant, or the decay is beyond repair, it may be best to extract a tooth instead of trying to salvage it. Afterwards, options can be considered for replacement teeth.

With seven locations across Rochester, NY to serve you and your family, Progressive Implantology & Periodontics offers oral surgery and tooth extraction services that are gentle and highly professional. Dental extractions performed by our specially trained periodontists and oral surgeons are done in one of our dental offices with local anesthesia (a numbing shot) to prevent pain, along with sedation to relax you when necessary. Recovery times are short, and after a procedure you will likely need just a minor amount of pain relief medicine to ease any discomfort. After your extractions, once you’ve healed completely, you can discuss with us or with your family dentist what options you have to replace the teeth that have been removed. Options may include dental implants, bridges, and implant dentures.

At Progressive Implantology & Periodontics, we offer Confident Smile dental implants and implant dentures to restore your smile to health and function. Give us a call today to ask about your available options! 

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