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Confident Smile™ Dental Implants

Super Fast Smiles, a Long-term Solution!

Confident Smile™ dental implants are a cost-effective and comfortable solution for people who are missing teeth or have uncomfortable dentures, dental bridges or partials. The dental implant process by the specialty team at Progressive Implantology ensures you are getting a high quality care from doctors with advanced training. The best news…our centers are locally owned and operated so we can give you the smile of your dream for a lot less than other big box centers.

A Confident Smile™ can enhance your life and may lead to life-changing benefits

  •     Eat your favorite foods again
  •     Overall better health
  •     Improved social life
  •     Fulfilling romantic relationships
  •     Better employment opportunities
  •     Enhanced facial appearance
  •     Overall better quality of life

A Confident Smile™ Conversation.

Learn more about the Confident Smile™ process. When you choose Confident Smile™ you have chosen the option with two important features to you. #1, Confident Smile™ is often a more affordable option available for a total restoration. #2, it uses the most precise measurements in the industry today. Our goal with Confident Smile™ is to help patients make the best decision for their oral health. 


From Our Patients

4 Simple Steps to a Confident Smile™:

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