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Why Choose Confident Smile™

                  It's Just Like Having Your Original Teeth Again.

Progressive Implantology & Periodontics know you have made a major commitment to your smile, so we make a commitment to you to provide the most affordable option, using "state of the art" technologies with the industry's best components in the creation of your new smile.  Our proprietary Confident Smile TM process combines both durability and beauty, ensuring that when you leave our office, your Confident Smile TM will look, feel, and function like natural teeth, for a lifetime.

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Confident Smile™ Laboratory

State of the art technology delivering the hardest compound available in the entire region, for your new teeth. The lab machinery delivers an infinitely more precise fit than other services in the market. It's the unique process, the equipment and the highly trained laboratory technicians, that deliver a beautiful new smile, within days.

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Anchored & Secure Like Natural Teeth

Our Confident Smile TM technology will provide you with a smile that is not only beautiful but the will give you the ability to chew just like you can with natural teeth. Our process will anchor your smile securely in place, so you can feel confident getting on with your life without a care about your teeth, other than how good they make you look.

"State of the Art" Technologies & Materials

Confident Smile™ is engineered for a lifetime. As you will learn during our free consultation, we will create a custom program just for you. This ensures every aspect of the process has been designed to give you the perfect smile. From the foundation to the number of implants needed to provide the durability you need. We will do what it takes to give you the perfect smile.


You are not expected to know everything about this procedure, so we have posted Frequently Asked Questions from our patients with the answers provided by our staff.

The first Confident Smile™ bridge is made from reinforced PMMA. This non-metal material is lightweight, strong, has slight flex to absorb forces during the initial healing, and is extremely kind to the soft tissues as you heal. 

The first Natural Teeth™ bridge is made from solid Prettau zirconia. This material is extremely durable and highly esthetic. The hardness of the material makes it resistant to fracturing or chipping. The smooth, non-porous and biocompatible surface makes it resistant to stains and it won’t absorb odors or attract plaque and bacteria.

Most patients who have been told they are not candidates for traditional dental implant options are eligible for Natural Teeth™. The conventional method of placing dental implants into the bone may require complicated bone grafting, resulting in 6-9 months of healing time. The Confident Smile™ procedure uses the front area of the jaw where the bone is denser, and we angle the back implants to avoid the sinus cavities. This placement strategy makes for a much less invasive procedure, avoids the needs for costly and time consuming bone grafts, and provides a solid foundation for your teeth in one visit.

The All-on-4® procedure, as its name implies, uses 4 implants in each jaw to provide support to a titanium reinforced plastic or acrylic bridge. Unfortunately, if 4 implants is not adequate for a given patient and one implant fails, the entire process has to be redone. The old adage applies:  “All on 4, none on 3!” 

Confident Smile™ uses typically 6-8 implants per arch. There are rare instances where we will place only 4 implants but this is not the norm. During your examination and plan review will discuss how many implants you need and why. In addition, Natural Teeth™ is reinforced with a nonmetal, lightweight substructure to provide gentle shock absorption and a natural feel.

Natural Teeth™ is a permanent implant-supported bridge to replace all of your missing teeth. It is the strongest, most functional, and aesthetic nanoceramic available. It provides exceptional rigidity while still having a slight flex to absorb stress. This combination results in an incredibly durable, beautiful tooth replacement option that will both look and feel like natural teeth.


From Our Patients

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He has "state of the art" toys. I was looking for the least invasive method and this was it. He cares more about my teeth, more than any other dentist ever has.

Dan McHugh

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