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LANAP Laser Gum Disease Treatment

Tooth loosening and loss, bad breath and bleeding gums can all be symptoms of gum disease. LANAP can help.

If you are like the millions of Americans who have gum disease, the major cause of tooth loss in adults, the LANAP laser Protocol may benefit you. The LANAP is a non-invasive laser gum surgery procedure, which can be a comfortable, no stitch approach to preserving your teeth.

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A Conversation with your Dentist About LANAP

Gingivitis affects millions of Americans, so if you're experiencing gum pain, you are not alone. It is one of the single biggest reason people lose their teeth. There is a treatment we offer that can help you save your teeth. LANAP is non invasive process with faster outcomes that help you correct this problem. Listen to our Dentist discuss why LANAP laser gum treatment is a great solution for patients. 

Learn About LANAP Laser Gum Surgery Procedure for Gum Recession

You are probably not familiar with LANAP gum surgery using a laser. It is an amazing process that can help you heal your gums by treating the diseased gum tissue and cleaning the plaque off the roots of your teeth so you restore your gum health. LANAP surgery is a non invasive process than traditional gum surgery and your recovery time is amazingly fast. Many people leave and go straight to work. You will be able to chew in comfort and feel confident you are doing the best thing you can do to preserve your teeth.

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You are not expected to know everything about the LANAP laser procedure, so we have posted Frequently Asked Questions from our patients with the answers provided by our staff.


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