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Meet the Doctors

Periodontists and Oral Surgeons in Rochester, NY

Welcome to Progressive Implantology & Periodontics, where we prioritize your oral health and well-being through cutting-edge technology and personalized care. Our dental specialists are committed to creating a relaxed and welcoming environment, ensuring your comfort throughout your dental journey.

With a focus on individualized treatment plans and attentive care, our team at Progressive Implantology & Periodontics provides a comfortable and reassuring experience for each patient. Our highly trained doctors have undergone extensive education and possess excellent proficiency in periodontics, implant dentistry, laser dentistry, and oral surgery

At Progressive Implantology & Periodontics, we are dedicated to delivering a healthy and radiant smile in the most comfortable manner possible.

Meet the Dental Specialists

Periodontists and Oral Surgeons providing LANAP laser gum surgery, dental implants, implant dentures, wisdom teeth removal, treatment of gum recession and oral surgery.