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Depending on the situation you present to our office, the process can range from 4 weeks to 6-9 months. An evaluation with our office will allow us to give you an accurate timeline of the process.

An injury has a potential to complicate the implant process. We suggest an immediate consultation post injury to determine the extent. Sometimes the right time is to have the implant process started immediately while at certain times it is more beneficial to allow the area to heal first.

Yes in our office we would recommend the site to be preserved during extraction by adding materials that will help hold the space of the tooth being extracted.

In our office we specialize in treating the periodontium (teeth and gums) and dental implants. We work with each patient personally and create an individualized treatment plan to address their teeth and gums. After the periodontium has been stabilized, then it is possible to get dental implants.

We evaluate the entire dentition and provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient. If the teeth are in good shape and are not esthetically compromised multiple implants to replace missing teeth can be a viable option.

First a comprehensive exam will be completed, and diagnostic information such as 3D imaging and models will be taken. During that visit the doctor will determine the necessary steps required for you to restore your smile and function.

Dental implants are well documented in the literature and have shown to be in function for over 30 years. However implants need to be properly maintained and followed up over time.

Depending on the prosthesis that is placed, you would clean and floss implant crowns like you normally would.

Differently materials can be used to restore the missing teeth. These teeth have different strengths and weakness and can be discussed with your doctor to choose the correct one for you.

In our office we offer twilight (conscious) dental sedation. This allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.

Some minor discomfort is expected after the procedure. However in our office we emphasize on pain management and post operative care to allow a smooth and uneventfully healing.

Depending on the procedure it can be done in 1 visit. Each individual case is unique.

We offer teleconsultation as well as in person consultation to begin the implant process.

At progressive we manage the dental implant surgery component. Depending on the patient, we may provide temporary teeth until you see your regular dentist to finish the work.

The cost can vary depending on your needs. Our excellent financial department can handle all your questions and help find the best option for you.

Absolutely. The cost will be discussed with you by our financial coordinators at the initial consultation.

Depending on your insurance policy.